Get a history lesson, and maybe a little spooky surprise during Bayne Library’s Candlelit Tours! For one evening only, we’ll welcome you in to experience Bayne Library after hours – when our most prominent resident roams the halls!

Tickets are required and are $20 per person. We caution that this tour isn’t a good option for children under 12 or those who have trouble with climbing and descending a large number of steps. The tours include some history of Amanda Bayne Balph’s haunting (see below), as well as a paranormal investigator with equipment to share how we can see “the other side” in the modern day.

2023 tours are sold out, thank you for your support!

Why are we doing this?

Did you know that Andrew Bayne Memorial Library is world-reknowned due to its relentless resident, Amanda Bayne Balph? Though she died in 1912, she still actively participates in the activities of her past home through mischievous play – flickering lights, electronics tampering and the like. She’s also been spotted through the windows, looking for the elms she required be left on her property but were removed due to illness.

Bayne Library has been featured in books and articles . You can even learn more in this YouTube video: